Lizzie Armanto has been leading the women's skateboarding charge for years. She holds three X-Games medals and a whole bunch of other accomplishments including the cover of Thrasher Magazine, a Birdhouse pro model, and signature Bones Wheels and Vans shoes. In 2018, she became the first female skater to complete The Loop.

We’re stoked to team up with Lizzie to introduce the First Women’s Pro Model Pads In Skateboard History!


American-Australian Keegan Palmer might be young but don't let the age fool you - this kid rips with the best of them. From Dew Tour to VPS and the big summer games, you can find Keegan flowing around with his unique surfy style.

Olympic Men's Skateboard Park Gold Medalist


When it comes to skating transition with raw power, look no further than Pedro Barros. The bigger the better, as most of the time Pedro charges just way too hard to be contained by small spaces. We are beyond stoked to have Pedro on the Triple Eight Team!

Olympic Men's Skateboard Park Silver Medalist


San Diego's own Cory Juneau always brings a stylish approach to any transition. A true coping specialist and no stranger to big contest moments - it's always a pleasure watching Cory skate!

Olympic Men's Skateboard Park Bronze Medalist


Golden State Heat & Men’s Team USA

@ brycewettstein

Cocona burst onto the scene recently, but it's looking like she's going to be sticking around a while! With stylings beyond her years, Cocona is always a crowd favorite at events like Dew Tour - and will be one of the youngest athletes to ever medal at the big summer games!

Olympic Women's Skateboard Park Silver Medalist

@ cocona.hiraki

Bruce Walker

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Eduardo Damestoy

Adrian Demain

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Sanford Lopez

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Bruno Passos

Lyn-Z Pastrana

Brian Patch

Murilo Pere

Edgard Pereira

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Eddie Reatigue

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Tristan Rennie

Heimana Reynolds

Jordan Richter

Travis Rivera

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Josh Rodriguez

Leo Ruiz

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Toby Ryan

Jordan Santana

Alana Smith

Bia Sorde

Alex Sorgente

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Minna Stess

Kody Tamanaha

Lea Taylor

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Mami Tezuka

Jesse Thomas

C.J. Titus

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Lincoln Ueda

Nora Vasconcellos

Nate Vernia

Keefer Wilson

Alan Young

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